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Special Edition of Psychosis

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In November 2011, with the support from the Wellcome Trust and the Institute of Advanced Study, Hearing the Voice brought 45 experts by experience and profession together for the world’s first interdisciplinary research workshop on voice-hearing.  IAS Fellows and founders of the world Hearing Voices Movement Professor Marius Romme and Dr Sandra Escher entered into lively debate with cognitive neuroscientists and theologians; literary and psychosocial studies scholars unpacked the logics of therapy with clinical psychologists; psychiatrists, artists and philosophers listened with rapt attention to voice-hearers’ discussions of their experience; and all agreed that there was much to be gained by approaching voice-hearing from a multitude of different perspectives. Two years later collaborations initiated at that workshop has just born fruit.  Jacqui Dillon (Chair of the Hearing Voices Network and a key advisor to Hearing the Voice), Simon McCarthy-Jones (HtV team member and postdoctoral fellow in psychology at Macquarie University), Marius Romme, Sandra Escher and Angela Woods (Centre for Medical Humanities, Durham University) have just edited a special issue of Psychosis entitled ‘Voices in a Positive Light’.  Full editorial.



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