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The IAS welcomes its Epiphany term cohort of Fellows

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The Institute of Advanced Study is delighted to welcome its second cohort of Fellows connected with its 2013/14 Light year.   This term’s visiting Fellows include Professor Brad Tebo from Oregon Health and Science University, a distinguished Professor of Marine and Biomolecular Systems who is internationally best known for his work on manganese biogeochemistry and microbiology;  Dr Julie Westerman an artist and Senior Lecturer of Fine Art at Sheffield Hallam University whose research at the IAS will develop new works that explore the perception of light; Dr Ulisses Barres de Almeida an Astrophysicist from the Brazilian Center for Research in Physics whose research focusses on the study of extragalactic objects, active galactic nuclei, extragalactic relativistic jets and radio galaxies; freelance writer and critic Lesley Chamberlain whose diverse research interests include German and Russian thought particularly during The Enlightenment; and Durham’s Professor Jan Clarke whose IAS Fellowships will develop her work on stage lighting.

Whilst at Durham the Fellows will be engaging and collaborating with colleagues on a number of different interdisciplinary Durham-led projects connected to the Light year, delivering seminars and public lectures, and engaging with their College.  Further details of all the programmes of work being taken forward during 2013/14 and details of this term’s IAS Fellows and how to contact them can be found by visiting: www.durham.ac.uk/ias/.


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