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IAS ‘Evidence’ Theme for 2015/16: Proposals and Fellowship Nominations open to Durham Colleagues

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Following its university-wide consultation and announcement of its 2015/16 theme, ‘Evidence’, the Institute of Advanced Study recently held a scoping meeting to discuss the potential sub-themes under which proposals for activities may coalesce. The discussion was wide-ranging and involved almost 30 staff across 16 departments.

The following potential sub-themes have been identified:

  • Evidence, Policy and Regulation
  • Evidence and Representation
  • Unreliable Evidence
  • Evidence and Interdisciplinarity
  • Evidence and Experience
  • Visual Evidence
  • Evidence and Spatio-temporality

 Any staff member interested in any of these sub-themes should make contact with the IAS.

In addition, if colleagues have an idea for a research activity that does not fit under any of these headings, but is innovative and interdisciplinary, they are still encouraged to submit an activity proposal.

The deadline for returning proposals for activities and nominating potential fellows is 13 March 2014.

Proposals (including nominations for Fellows) should be made using the pro-formas available to download from the IAS website on the ‘Annual Themes’ page under ‘Evidence’.  There is no need for detailed project development at this stage: we are simply looking for summary project descriptions that highlight creativity, relevance and outcomes. The pro-formas will assist the IAS Directors to make decisions when they discuss all of the sub-theme proposals at their meeting on 24 March. The details of the theme and the timescales mentioned above are also available at https://www.dur.ac.uk/ias/themes/evidence/timescales/.

Any queries or questions should be directed to the Institute Administrator, Linda Crowe.


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