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2015-16 IAS Fellowship Scheme is open to receive applications

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Applications for Fellowships in 2015-16 are now being accepted. Closing date – Sunday 08 June 2014.

Launched in October 2006 to mark the 175th anniversary of the foundation of the University, the IAS is Durham University’s leading research institute. Its aim is to foster creative interdisciplinary thinking – and to communicate this to public audiences – through dialogue and collaboration across disciplinary boundaries. The Institute seeks to catalyse new ideas by bringing together internationally recognised academics as well as writers, artists and practitioners.

At its core lies a generously funded UK and international Fellowship programme which allows the IAS to invite scholars from the full spectrum of the sciences, social sciences, arts and humanities to address research themes of global significance.

Fellows will contribute to the Institute’s annual theme, which for 2015-16 is Evidence, interpreted in its broadest sense – scientifically, symbolically, legally, philosophically, literarily, politically, economically, and sociologically.

An IAS fellowship provides the holder with the space and time to develop their research and ideas in a thriving academic community of scholars of national and international standing. Fellows will engage and forge strong links with at least one department at Durham, and be given the opportunity to deliver papers at events organised to coincide with the annual theme. Fellowships are offered for a three-month period and the IAS supports up to 10 fellowships per semester. The first semester covers the period October to December 2015, the second semester covers the period January to March 2016. Full details and information about the scheme can be located here.


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