Durham University Institute of Advanced Study

Transforming the Way we Think


The Institute of Advanced Study was established in October 2006 to mark the 175th anniversary of Durham University. It is a prestigious, ideas-based Institute which brings together some of the world’s finest researchers from every discipline to examine themes of major intellectual, scientific, political and practical significance. At least twenty fellows per annum are based in Cosin’s Hall (a beautiful 18th Century, Grade 1 listed mansion house, situated on Palace Green – a designated World Heritage site) for up to three months, working with Durham scholars to spark these investigations, set tomorrow’s agenda and participate in a varied programme of activities. The Institute also serves as a top-level forum, enabling key-decision makers and experts to discuss pressing policy problems in an intellectually stimulating and unrestricted manner.

There are many ways to participate in the life and work of the institute: through the fellowship scheme, by developing new themes, activities and events, by devising follow-on research activities, by supporting our work financially, or simply by enjoying and engaging with the many and varied outputs of the Institute. The IAS is an invitation to help build capacity, realise potential, and meet the challenge of a changing world. We warmly welcome your involvement.


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