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Insights E-Journal

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About Insights

Insights captures the ideas and work-in-progress of the Fellows of the Institute of Advanced Study at Durham University. Up to twenty distinguished and ‘fast-track’ Fellows reside at the IAS in any academic year. They are world-class scholars who come to Durham to participate in a variety of events around a core inter-disciplinary theme, which changes from year to year. Each theme inspires a new series of Insights, and these are listed in the inside back cover of each issue. These short papers take the form of thought experiments, summaries of research findings, theoretical statements, original reviews, and occasionally more fully worked treatises. Every fellow who visits the IAS is asked to write for this series. The Directors of the IAS – Veronica Strang, Barbara Graziosi, Stuart Elden and Martin Ward – also invite submissions from others involved in the themes, events and activities of the IAS. Previous editors of Insights were Professor Susan Smith (2006-2009) and Professor Michael O’Neill (2009-2012).

Insights is edited by Barbara Graziosi, IAS Director and Professor of Classics.

Correspondence should be directed to Audrey Bowron


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